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Due Any Day She Is Dumped In The Woods With No Possiblility Of Finding Food Or Water!

Heavily pregnant she is left in the middle of nowhere with two feline friends.

Heavily pregnant her owners abandoned her in the middle of the woods near Kent, England, along with two other cats with no access to food or water..

With nowhere to go to and no one to turn to she is found by a woman out walking her dog. The kind-hearted woman immediately rescues the three cats and takes them to a nearby RSPCA animal shelter.

Photo Courtesy of the rspca

The RSPCA gave her all the care and attention she needed. She was quite scared and also a little dehydrated, however, she fully recovered. In the end, giving birth to two healthy little kittens who in turn received all the veterinary care they needed too.

Photo Courtesy of the rspca

“It must have been very scary for them to be left like that.”

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Lost in the woods he was skin and bone! Starving and infested with fleas when he saw him he knew this could be his last chance.

Clearly in distress she led her owner through the woods to a box sitting among the threes.

“We understand that people’s circumstances change, but there is never an excuse to abandon animals like this.” – said Kirsten Ormerod of the RSPCA.

Photo Courtesy of the rspca

It is a pity that these kittens have had such a difficult beginning, but let’s hope they have a better and more prosperous future. I’m sure they will soon find a family where they can be happy and receive all the love and care they deserve.

Photo Courtesy of the rspca

Thanks to the donations the RSPCA can continue doing these actions, so if you are willing to give something you can do it through their website. Volunteers will never be enough because there are so many animals to help.

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