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The Driver Got Out Of The Car, Carefully Placed The Cat On The Side Road And Left Him To Die!

Someone hit a cat in California recently. What was unusual was the driver got out of the car, a good sign you might think? But what the driver did next was place the still living cat on the side of the road and drive off!

Please note before reading further some people may find the images in this post disturbing!

Not rushing the cat to the vet, just placed the cat on the side of the road, leaving the injured animal there to die on its own. Thank goodness someone else saw what happened, because they called the Stray Cat Alliance and one of their team rushed to the scene to try and save this poor cat.

And save him they did, though badly hurt he was still very much alive. He had blood running from his nose and lots of broken bones, he must have been in a lot of pain. The vet relieved his suffering and he was given the name Oscar.

Photo: Facebook/Stray Cat Alliance

He is still in shock but his vital signs are stable, he just refuses to give up the fight for life. Because of this, the Stray Cat Alliance is doing all that they can to save him. He does have quite bad head trauma though so a CT scan was done and results are pending.

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His neck broken he lies cold and lifeless on the side of the road!

Hiding his paws in obvious pain she found a senior cat crying for help!

He has a long way to go but he is a fighter and after a few days of pain relief he started to show significant improvement.

Photo: Facebook/Stray Cat Alliance

The rescue posted an update stating, the CT scan confirmed that Oscar has a lot of fractures in his face including “his palate and the orbit around his eye”.

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