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After Turning Her Back For Just A Second, Her Precious Kitten Was Gone, Nowhere To Be Found!

One second her precious kitten was on the coffee table, the next she had abruptly disappeared!

Chanel is only three weeks old, a precious little kitten with cute kitten eyes and a cute kitten face. One second she was on the living room coffee table, the next she had completely disappeared, Brittany, her Foster Mom, couldn’t find her anywhere!

The kitten’s abrupt vanishing act was a total shock to Chanel’s Foster Mom ! Britany wrote on Twitter saying:

“I literally went to heat up her bottle and next thing I know she’s gone.“

She just about tore the house apart, looking high and low for the tiny ball of fluff. Couches were turned over, beds torn apart in her frantic search.

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Lost and alone she had nowhere to go and no one to turn to!

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Tears began to flow when her searching turned up not ever a hair? Texts were sent venting her frustration!

And still Chanel was nowhere to be found. It’s a terrible feeling, but one most pet owners can identify with if their furry BFF is a would-be escape artist. Enter Britany’s grandfather. Needing a tissue, the man reached for a Kleenex.

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