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At Deaths Door, No One Wanted To Touch Him! No One Even Wanted To Go Near Him. Then She Heard His Cry For Help

He was so riddled with mange and covered in filth no one would touch him, it looked like he was at death’s door.

No one knows Valentino’s back story, however, when you take one look at him it’s easy to see he has taken more than his fair share of hard knocks and not had the easiest of lives.

Elaine Seamans headed over to medical at Baldwin park shelter, and couldn’t believe the condition he was in. He was incredibly filthy and suffered from a highly contagious condition called sarcoptic mange. In fact, the condition was so bad his eyes were permanently glued shut.

“It killed me to see him in that condition, knowing how defeated he must have felt,” Elaine said.

Courtesy of Elaine Seamans

“I opened his cage door after being shocked by his appearance. He stood up and almost fell over but he turned and came to me.” Reaching out with his paw, making the tiniest of meows. Elaine was not afraid to touch him, she picked him up and gave him the longest of hugs.

Courtesy of John Hwang

It was clear that was just what he needed.


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