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No One Puts A Paw Out Of Line When This Cat Dad Is Around!

The family dynamic for this pack of tiny pooches is certainly not the norm, but it works for them. This cat dad is the pack leader and no one dares put a paw out of line when he’s around!

Five little Chihuahuas have a somewhat unusual role model to go along with their human Mom. This stand-in Dad comes in the form of a cat called Ritchie, who apparently keeps everybody in line with an iron paw along with a lot of love!

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And this pack of tiny pooches don’t seem to mind their feline father one little bit.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/yutafamily

One little dog, Kuma seems to be in somewhat of a hero-worship scenario where Ritchie is concerned.

To find out more about this unusual family click 2 below!

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