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Misunderstood Because Of The Way He Looks

A sweet cat, he is misunderstood because of the way he looks and often seems scary to children. But not all children?

Ace lost one eye due to an infection not long after he was rescued when he was a stray kitten. This has not slowed down his enthusiasm for life one bit, though unfortunately, some people do find his appearance a little off-putting.

Though this is usually people who are meeting him for the first time or children who don’t understand.

Photo Courtesy of Norma Maikovich

Ace it has to be said is actually a very sweet cat, both caring and very affectionate. Though some people don’t take the time to find that out.

His owner Norma Maikovich, told The Dodo, though that, “people are often hesitant to greet him.”

But she was soon to find out however, this is not so for everyone

Photo Courtesy of Norma Maikovich

Ace spends much of his time hanging out on the front porch of his home. So Norma thought it would be a good idea to install a home security camera just to keep a watchful eye on her feline friend.

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What she did not expect was the budding friendship the camera would catch.

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