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It Breaks Her Heart To See Him Showing Up Every Single Day, Still Trying To Visit His Best Friend.

Like clockwork, this loyal cat shows up every single day, waiting 20 minutes or so for a friend who is no longer there.

They don’t know who she is or where she lives, they think her home is about streets away from theirs They named her Baby Gray. One thing they do know is how loyal this cat is. She first climbed up the fence and jumped into their yard about two and a half years ago, their dog Gracie welcomed her immediately.

According to Gracies Mom, Shea Belew Brennaman, Gracie was more interested in making friends than chasing away intruders. In fact, she was the friend of everyone who visited her backyard, from birds to squirrels and rabbits to hawks. And she was very keen on getting to know this mysterious cat, Baby Gray.

Gradually as time went by, Baby Gray’s visits became more and more frequent, Gracie was a gracious host. The two hung out together, even sharing food.

Gracie’s family left out tomatoes for the pair, they were her favorite. She loved to share them with her favorite friend as they lay out in the sun together.

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Blind, he had been visiting their yard for over five years. One day he brought two friends?

Friends furr ever can only be friends furr life.

She would do anything for her friends, even saving her friend, an eight-month-old puppy, from a water moccasin snake.

But then towards the end of October, in 2017, Gracie’s family noticed she was not quite herself. She had slowed down dramatically in a very short space of time.

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