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Lost And Alone, She Had Nowhere To Go And No One To Turn To.

Then she saw him and made a choice, a choice that would change both their lives.

What are the odds? Smack dab in the middle of nowhere she walks out of the cornfield he happens to be walking past at exactly the same time!? She looks and him and he looks at her, then something amazing happens!

Reddit / NebulonsStyle

He’s in the middle of nowhere, taking a walk with his camera when suddenly there she is. Popping her head out of a cornfield, then she casually wanders out. She watches him for a while, studying him very intently as if she was weighing him up. Then all of a sudden she wanders up to him and allows him to do something completely amazing.

Reddit / NebulonsStyle

She lets him pick her up! He was so surprised, in the middle of nowhere a kitten just walks out of a cornfield and lets him pick her up. He is not sure what to do. Is she all alone, does she come from a local farm? He knows he can’t leave her here. If she is homeless she has nowhere to go?

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