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Left In A Box And Abandoned On The Side Of A Lonely Mountain Road

He was riding his motorcycle along a lonely mountain road when he spotted a box. It was what was trying to crawl out of the box that took his breath away?!

Youtube user Warosumen was riding along the isolated road when he spotted the box, after making a quick stop to investigate he thought he could meowing coming from within the box. And then he had the heart-wrenching sight of a tiny kitten thing to force its way out of the box through a small hole cut in the top.


The tiny kitten made a B-line for Warosumen, latched onto his leg and refused to let go. He knew he couldn’t leave this little tyke out there in the wilderness trying to fend for itself. So he went over to the box to check it out before leaving. Upon opening the box he could not believe his eyes. There were five more kittens inside. Two could not be more than a few days old, as they still had their eyes closed.

He was in such a remote area, there was nothing else he could do, so Warosuman made a decision.


There was only one thing he could do, he put all the kittens into his shoulder bag for the journey home. It was a snug fit, but he made sure they were as comfortable as possible before setting off and leaving the horrible box and its bad memories behind them.

His kindness did not stop there:

He brought the kittens home and supplied them with the food and water he could find. The kittens were starving and were finally eating for the first time after so long.

He reached out to his friends and family to get proper help for the kittens and to find them homes. Five out of the six kitties survived and are now living with their new families or are being cared for by rescuers.


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