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Kitty Eye Art, Taking The States By Storm

Art depicting cats has been around for thousands of years. From cave paintings to the hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt, then to modern art and now the jewelry many of us wear today. How about eye art?

That’s right, feline art you can wear just above your eyes, more like eye shadow extensions, but much much more attractive. Cats are after all beautiful animals, so it only seems natural we should want to wear them as art, showing everyone our love for our favorite pets.

And placing that art right above our eyes is going to get everyone’s attention, after all, where do almost everyone look when they are meeting someone, or talking to someone?

Scroll below to see what I mean:

Our kitties are inspiring people all over the world. People are intrigued by these feline creatures to such an extent that they are taking inspiration from them in the field of miniature painting as well.

Who said cats and dogs cannot friends? These two are breaking all the stereotypes.

Well, why shouldn’t they when our fur balls are so very adorable! You will be intrigued by how these miniature paintings look so real.

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