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He Is Rushed To Hospital With Severe Trauma After She Stabs Him For Abusing The Cat

A Russian woman living in the region of Perm stabbed her boyfriend for abusing the cat causing severe injuries.

The women, known only as Natalia, fully co-operated with police and confessed to the crime. She could now be spending the next 15 years within the confines of a Russian jail cell.

She told police that her boyfriend Alexei had been abusing her cat at home so she stabbed him with a knife she had got from the kitchen. The knife was plunged right into his liver causing severe trauma.

The police reported that Alexei had unfortunately died from the severity of the injury as he was being rushed to hospital by ambulance.

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He recently moved in with his girlfriend but was left frustrated when he was not able to fix a broken television set. After three days of struggle, he took his rage out on the cat – named Vasili – and his partner reacted with equal fury.

Credit: RSPCA

Police are pressing murder charges against her. The cat is reportedly alive and is being looked after by the couple’s neighbors in Perm, Russia.

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