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The Only Saving Grace Is, Horrific As It Was, What Happened To Him Didn’t Scar His Sweet Personality!

From his playful nature and friendly demeanor, you wouldn’t know that just months ago he had survived a horrific attack! Unless you looked at his face.

Sir Thomas Trueheart must have a very forgiving nature when it comes to human beings. He is still a lovable sweet and very playful, fun-loving cat just months after surviving a cruel attack!

Just a couple of months ago someone thought it would be fun to pour acid over his head, melting flesh and causing him to lose his right eye.

Photo Courtsey of Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc.

Permanently scarred from the attack the only saving grace was it didn’t permanently scar this cat’s sweet personality. Tommy finds comfort with the kind humans now caring for him and his very own stuffed teddy bear.

He has somehow managed to take what happened to him, horrific as it was, in his stride, and move on with his life.

Photo Courtsey of Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc.

A woman and found Tommy on her doorstep not long after the attack and immediately took him to the vet, who soon told her there was nothing he could do.

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Dumped on the side of the road she was soon under attack! They were told it was too late!

Thankfully she didn’t give up on Tommy and reached out to Social Media. Soon told to contact Milo’s Sanctuary Inc, Burbank, California, an organization that specializes in caring for disabled and terminally ill cats.

Photo Courtsey of Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc.

Their goal is to give animals a second chance at life, in spite of their disabilities, special needs, or illnesses. They took Tommy to a special animal hospital that saved his life. Soon Tommy was under the knife.

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