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Is It Real Or Is It Fake?

About a week ago I placed a post on facebook of a kitten said to have the rare Moscow Mutation. This photo concerned some people who thought it might be fake. This prompted me to do a little more research.

You can find the original post here: Feral Tiger Kitten.

For the record, after more investigation, I believe some of the markings to be real and some to possibly be fake, especially the ones on the forehead which stand out far more than the other markings.

I found the original article regarding this kitten on the cattime website which basically talks about an unusual kitten that has been discovered living in a semi-feral colony in Moscow.

The article said that the normal hair banding on this kitten has failed, leaving markings going from roan to grey, against an almost white background, giving a very striking appearance.

The original article went on to state “that there are enough photos of this cat to rule out dying of any kind, or digital editing.” I now believe that this is not the case, I think some of this particular kittens markings are real and some are fake. See below:

Original Photo Credit: Emirates Feline Federation
Notes Courtesy of Sarah Hartwell

If real the unusual tabby pattern may be a result of skin cell mutations or chimerism. Look under “New Mutations” below for the Moscow Mutation which leaves a tabby-style pattern.

Striking markings on cats though rare are not uncommon as you can see from this tabby lykoi mutation from South Africa.

The cattime author went on to say:

I looked around the Internet and according to Kate on Tumblr, the images first appeared on Russian sites in August of 2015 and it would appear that there is more than one cat with this mutation since the coloring on the cat below is not the same as the one above.

I could find very little about the cat or the condition but let’s hope to learn more in the coming months. If you see more pics or find out more information, please share it with us!

Whilst I believe some of the markings to be fake, one thing is for sure until someone can categorically prove it, we will all just have to make up our own minds.

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