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He Is Big, He Is Majestic, He Is Also Adorable. He Is A Maine Coon, His Name Is Lotus

Maine Coons are one of the world’s largest domestic cat-they keep growing till about the age of four. At three years of age Lotus still has some growing to do!

Due to the huge interest in Lotus from our previous article we thought we would do a follow up on who Lotus really is, and what he likes to get up to during the day? If you missed the original article you can find it here.

Lotus lives with his family in Sweden where he likes to spend most of his leisure time, which is pretty much24 -7, relaxing in his home taking naps. When he is not napping he likes to cuddle with whomever he can hold of. His favorite go-to person is his human sister who happens to be about the same size as Lotus.

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

Lotus is about the average size for a Maine Coon though he still has quite a bit of growing to do. He is three years of age, weighing in at around 22 pounds.

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

As we mentioned Lotus is three years old, Maine Coons tend to keep growing till they are about four years old. A male Maine Coon can weigh anything from 15 to 25 pounds and be up to 40 inches long. A female Maine Coon can weigh in at 10 to 15 pounds and grow to around 40 inches long as well.

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

Lotus is also a bit of an explorer, known to go out and about with his family. On those cold Scandinavian winter days, he has a nice fluffy coat to keep him warm. Though, being a nice pale color, he can blend in a little too well!

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“I have a light small voice and I`m gentle in my way. Calm and kind, love my family. Like sleeping on the balcony or on the backrest on the couch. Likes to experience nature and animals,” ‘Lotus’ wrote on his website.

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

When Lotus isn’t sleeping or playing outside, he enjoys helping his mom cook. He likes to make sure that she’s cooking food he enjoys.

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

Lotus also has two cat siblings: Lady Marion and Chivaz. It’s amazing to see how much bigger Lotus is than these two other cats!

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

On Instagram, Lotus’s mom shares lots of beautiful images of the Maine Coon cat. The gigantic cat almost looks like a mythical beast from a fairytale!

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

Lotus’s mom loves taking photos of her beautiful cat, and Lotus is very photogenic. Whenever he’s outside, he always seems to strike the perfect pose. Because Lotus is so photogenic, he’s gotten a huge following on Instagram. He has over 190,000 followers, and that number is growing every day!

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

Lotus has a curious, playful personality. Whenever he sees something he isn’t sure about, he has to investigate it. That’s just what happened when his mom got a new washing machine.

Photo Courtesy of Lotus_the_mainecoon via Instagram

“The first time I saw a front-loading washing machine was a bit scary. I didn’t know what was moving in there … You had to be careful, so it wasn’t dangerous,” ‘Lotus’ said.

Lotus is a beautiful, unique cat who shows why Maine Coon cats are so beloved. If you want to see more stunning photos of Lotus, check out his Instagram page.

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