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He’s Only 8 Weeks Old And Is Concerned About Almost Everything

He was born with two black blotches on his forehead, as he grew so did they, spreading out. Giving the impression he was one very concerned kitten.

One of a litter of four kittens, his Mom Luna is Andy and Caroline Entwhistle’s cat, the whole family, cats and all lives in Manchester, England.

Markings on a cat can change fast as this man found out when he got what he thought was a black cat.

Initially, they had no intention of keeping any of the kittens, but this particular kitten they could not resist. The charming way he looked grew on them until he was given the name “Concerned Kitten” because of the perpetual look of confusion on his face.

His picture was posted on the internet and he soon became the latest kitty to go ‘viral,’ and another online star was soon born.

The couple also call him Gary, after the singer Gary Barlow from Take That, who always raises his eyebrows when hitting the high notes.

We think that he could be the little brother of another cat called Sam that has similar markings and also became an internet sensation because of his eyebrows. They certainly look related, what do you think?

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