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Practically A Kitten Herself, She’s Too Young To Be Pregnant. All Too Soon, Along With Complications, She Goes Into Labor

Too young to be pregnant and very shy, the staff were worried about complications!

There is nothing like a mother’s love, this is easily evidenced by Moms all over the animal kingdom. But what happens when the Mom to be is too young to be pregnant?

If she comes through the birthing process will those natural instincts kick into gear when her babies are born?

This was what staff at Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts (C.A.R.E.) were concerned about when a sweet Calico was brought in after being rescued from a feral colony. At the time she was only eight months old!

They soon found she was pregnant as well.

What added to the concern staff already had, was that Summer was very shy, not really allowing anyone to get too close.

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Too young to be pregnant, just skin and bone, she goes into labor!

Clearly a Mom, limping badly, she had come looking for food, but where were her kittens?

They were also unsure about how she would react to her babies when they were born.

That day soon came when Summer went into labor which soon ran into complications as she was so young.

An emergency C-section had to be performed to save her and her babies. Soon three tiny kittens were taking their very first breaths alongside a very tired Mom!

While staff held their own breath waiting to see how Summer would respond.

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