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Her Name Was Snow White, And If Any Cat Needed A Fairytale Ending It Was Her

Snow White had been roaming her local community for years. Feral, distrustful of everyone and very wary, no one could get near her.

It looked like there would be no fairytale ending for this distrustful feline princess.

It would not be a prince coming to her aid, or seven dwarves to help pick up the pieces of her life. But another kind of hero, one that would be there where others had turned a blind eye. Enter Rhonda Anderson who first noticed Snow White about four years ago. Rhonda decided to lure this seemingly unwary, unkempt and obviously unhappy kitty into a trap. A trap for her own good of course. Rhonda who is very active in her local TNR community had one purpose in mind at the time. But oh, how things can change?!

Since she first started noticing Snow White, Rhonda had noticed a gradual deterioration in Snow’s general condition and at the time had one plan in mind. That was to Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR), they had catch snow white, so the bait was set.

To find out if they can catch Snow White click next below!

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