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She Says Her Cat Has Stolen Her Husband And She Has Photos To Prove It!

After becoming aware that her cat was spending more time with her husband than she knew she had to provide proof.

Nasrin Hami from Thailand posted a series of cute photos of just how possessive her Scottish fold cat could be of her husband. In fact, it has gotten so bad she feels her cat may have stolen her husband!

After the photos were discovered and then shared by the Facebook group Super Cats the shots soon went viral and took the world wide web by storm.

Her Scottish Fold first begins by claiming his territory

It seems clear that after Nasrin’s photos went viral and gained thousands of likes and comments, that everyone agreed. Jarvis the cat indeed had her husband wrapped around his paw.

Nasrin couldn’t get a look in.

It didn’t matter where her husband was or what her husband was doing, Jarvis was there.

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First of all, what is it? Second, how did it get here? Third, Why is it making so much noise?

He wasn’t getting enough attention so he took his frustration out on the cat!

In an interview with Bored Panda, Nasrin talked about some of Jarvis’ favorite things to do.

“Jarvis is a good cat. He likes to sleep, watch the birds at the window, and play with my husband.”

“I have found something I love more than him.”

Many people who commented were of the opinion that Jarvis must be female.

He is in fact a male.

“Do you mind, we kind of having a thing here”

“Jarvis he always loving and affectionate with my husband and he acts the same way with me and is friendly with everyone who visits our home,” said Nasrin.

Nasrin shared just how wholesome her cat is.

“He’s mine, and so are your noodles”

Jarvis has been part of the family for some time now.

In fact, they have just celebrated his 6th birthday on April 23, 2020.

“I really do love this guy!”

Nasrin is at great pains to point out on her Facebook page Baan Nee Tong Mee Meow to interested parties that no “Jarvis is not for sale!”

It seems many people would like to make this cute Scottish Fold a part of their families.

“Never mind, take your husband back!”

Jarvis’s daily goal seems to consist of trying his best to spend as much time with his idol as possible.

Whether that’s cuddling with him, snuggling with him, or plain lying on top of him, it doesn’t really matter.

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Whenever Nasrin’s husband sits down for a meal Jarvis is ready and waiting to sit beside him and sometimes lay a paw on his hand.

Looking right at Nasrin and seemingly sending the message, “he’s mine.”


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