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He Was Heartbroken, Going From Room To Room Looking For His Best Friend!

They were the best of friends for eight and a half years, but their friendship came to a tragic end when she passed away. Heartbroken he goes searching for her every single day!

Ginger an Orange Tabby cat and Forsberg a handsome Golden Retriever were the best of friends, they had been for over eight and a half years. Wherever Forsberg decided to go, you were always certain to find Ginger right there at his side.


Now senior animals, they did tend to take it easy as opposed to going on adventures as they did in their younger days.

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It breaks her heart to see him searching every day for his friend who is no longer there.

Why walk like a cat when you can ride like a human?

Their favorite pastime now was snuggling side by side on the sofa.


However, one day their time together came to an abrupt yet inevitable end when Ginger sadly passed away.

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