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After Going Missing For Four Long Days, Somehow, Paralyzed, Their Cat Dragged Himself Home!

She let him out one night but he never came home, they canvassed the neighborhood but could not find him. One morning four days later she woke to find him waiting at the front door, his hind legs stretched out behind him.

Amber Smith had got her cat, Alex when he was barely 7 weeks old, in the 2 1/2 years since he had become part of her family. She had let him out on June 2, he never came home that night, nor the night after.

So Amber and her boyfriend Khamaree Hall searched and canvassed the neighborhood, asking neighbors and calling out his name. Alex was nowhere to be found.

Amber expected the worst, the fear most outdoor cat owners have, that Alex had been hit by a car.

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After living as a stray for six years this stray cat instantly recognized her former owner.

After months of being paralyzed her tail began to twitch!

Alex was not exactly known for being careful about crossing the road. Four days later, about 1.30 am, Khamaree was going to take their 12-year old labrador for a walk when he happened to glance out the window.

He was waiting patiently with his hind legs stretched out behind him. Khamaree woke Amber straight away then lept out of the first-floor window to collect Alex, he laid him as gently as possible on their bed.

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