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All He Wants Is To Be Loved And Excepted Just They Way Is!

He just wanted to be loved, however, four previous owners found his affection for them was just too overwhelming!

All of them returned him to the shelter because they found his affection for them too overpowering!? They all thought that this tuxedo cat with the beautiful green eyes was far too demanding.

His confidence knocked, not understanding what he had done wrong, James Bean found himself back at the shelter four times in a row. These would-be pet owners clearly have no understanding of what it means to have a cat. Especially one that returns the love that you show!

Luckily, for James Bean, he was going to get another chance. He met a man who was prepared to take this now nervous feline into his home and show him the love and patience he deserved. He was frightened at first, afraid of being in yet another new home, and probably scared of being rejected all over again.

However, due to his loving nature, and the care shown by his new Dad, it didn’t take long for James Bean to fall in love.

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Abandoned for being too cuddly he soon found himself in a high kill shelter!

Passed around the family like a sack of potatoes, he scared, confused and very alone.

He took to hiding under tables to surprise house guests just for fun. His favorite toy became his catnip sausage, finally, James Dean could just be himself without fear of being rejected.

James has found his forever home, now his love and affection for his new family were returned in spades. His zest for life, which was apparently not shared by his previous owners, was now accepted. He even got his own cat blanket to protect his Dad’s heirloom quilt!

It worked too!!!!

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