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He Ran To Them For Help. They Soon Found Out He Was Not Alone!

A tiny kitten ran up to him looking for help, meowing loudly, they soon found out he was not alone.

Hannah’s boyfriend was outside when the tiniest of kittens ran right up to him from a nearby alley. He was filthy, covered in fleas and looking a little worse for wear.

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

Hearing the commotion Hannah came outside to see what was going on? She saw a little kitten meowing and purring almost continuously. She was about to pick him up and take him in when she heard the pitter-patter of little feet behind her.

She turned around and saw another little kitten heading her way as fast as her little paws could go. Though not as bad as this kitten who was found in a plastic bag, Hannah knew they needed help, so she picked both of them up and took them inside.

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

Hannah named the two reprobates Theon and Yara and began to give them the love and care they needed. As animal lovers both she and her boyfriend could see these two were in bad shape. They were covered in fleas so were given several baths to remove the pests and then a bed to snuggle into.

Along with food which Yara took to without a moment’s hesitation, but Theon was another story. He was starting to head downhill at a rapid rate.

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

He became very lethargic, so Hannah carefully wrapped him in a towel and placed him over a heating pad. All the while keeping his fluids up and encouraging him as best she could.

She dabbed his gums with a little sugar every now and then and eventually, he came round and perked up.

You can watch Theon and Yara’s video right here:

Theon bounced back and started meowing and even trying to climb out of his bed with his new-found energy. The little guy never gave up and finally got over the hump.

“He was purring so loudly the moment I picked him up. Even at his weakest last night, he had a big purr,” Hannah said.

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

The next morning, the kittens continued to make improvements. They were eating well and getting stronger by the hour.

“It has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. At first, I thought Yara wouldn’t make it through the night. Then Theon took a nosedive at full speed. Now they’re both up and at it, eating and being kittens.”

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

Theon latched onto his bottle very quickly, and he’s been eating like a champ since. “I got him to eat baby food, chicken with chicken broth. He is doing so much better today,” Hannah added.

“He is meowing and climbing me like a tree. Yara continues to eat like she’s never seen food before.”

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

The two feline siblings are getting round-the-clock care in the comfort of a loving home with plenty of cuddles to go around.”Theon has found a fondness for the bottle and KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer).”

Hannah’s dog, Uncle Bruce, also came to offer some TLC. “Uncle Bruce is keeping a watchful eye over them, not leaving their sides.”

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

When the couple found the kittens yesterday, they were hungry and covered in dirt and fleas.

“Now, they’re happy with full bellies, covered in food and milk,” Hannah said.

Photo Courtesy of Hannah

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