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He Opened The Car Door And Got The Shock Of His Life When He Saw This!

It was a day just like any other day for Danny Redmond, however, he got the surprise of his life after opening the door of his car at a veterinary farm in the UK.

But what a nice surprise he was, this extremely handsome cat lives on a veterinary farm and has a skin condition called vitiligo. A very rare skin condition that shows up occasionally in humans and animals. In the feline family, it occurs most commonly in black cats causing a loss of pigment starting in the face and feet, showing itself as pure white fur.

Courtesy of Danny Redmond/Catspotting

Turning this handsome black cat into an equally good looking Panda Cat. “He lives at a veterinary farm…,” Danny said. “He goes up to everyone and gets in their cars.” He loves people and with such a friendly outgoing personality people can’t help but love him right back. He is well known in the local area, has a very loving home on the farm, and is loved by everybody who knows him.

There are several types of vitiligo seen in cats. White spots that appear on the coat usually become more extensive with age until the kitty has a white lace pattern on the black coat.

Panda Kitty hops into the man’s car for a quick feline inspection.

Courtesy of Danny Redmond/Catspotting

Panda kitty’s extremities–nose, ears, paws, and tail–are progressively losing its original black pigment. He’s quite a looker!

Courtesy of Danny Redmond/Catspotting

Just like Panda Kitty, Scrappy the cat has turned its black fur into a beautiful snowflake-like pattern.

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