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He Loves Self Expression. Though It Does Tend Towards The Dramatic!

His reactions, tend towards slightly dramatic. Ok, that’s an understatement, really dramatic.

His photos and videos are going viral, and there’s a very good reason for that, like this talking cat, he has a bit of a penchant for drama!

His name is Ah Fei, which means fat in Mandarin, an appropriate name, unfortunately, as he is more than a little chubby. He is overweight and could do with a diet if he is to avoid health complications.

Though it has to be said he is very very sweet, yes, he loves his food, but he does have other pastimes. His other favorites are being lazy, sleeping and also playing with his teaser wand.

You can watch this overly dramatic kitty below:

Ah Fei loves his playtime, even though he’s a touch lazy, there’s one thing for sure – this cool kitty has a knack for expressing himself. He can look at you with that “I am not amused” reaction when his owner or other humans do normal, boring human things.

He’s so expressive he could star in a film where he would cause trouble just because he can, which, let’s face it, all of us would watch. Despite his hilarious reactions, Ah Fei is a happy cat that enjoys his life, especially cuddles and food!

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