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His Cat Lets Him Know In No Uncertain Terms What He Thinks About Being Spied On

No one likes to be spied on, and so it seems neither do cats. At least if this family cat is anything to go by?

Reddit user ‘NandoMusicNet’ signed into his home security camera, which really seems to be more of a cat cam judging by what it is used for, to see what his cat was up to. But the family cat is on to Nando, way ahead of him in fact.

Neo, as it turns out, does NOT like being spied on and takes matters into his own paws to let ‘NandoMusicNet’ know exactly how he feels. What follows his a hilarious set of shots, as Neo sends a very pointed message to his owner.

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“Signed into my security camera to see what Neo was up to while I was out of town. He wasn’t pleased,” NandoMusicNet noted on Reddit. “I was controlling the camera remotely. It can pan around the room. I was scanning the area and he must’ve heard it moving. Then he hit it with his laser eyes.”

“Hmmm. What’s that”?

“Oh, I get it. I’m being watched”!

“Here’s a good shot of my butt for you”!

“You pervert”!

I think Nando got the message loud and clear!

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Badly injured, covered in open wounds, he is wrapped in bandages and given antibiotics. He is at least given a chance though the situation still seemed hopeless!

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