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Having Had Enough of Life On The Streets He Decides To Make A Change For The Better. Even If It Means Breaking The Law!

Leo knew exactly what he wanted and how to go about getting it. In fact, he would go to any lengths to get it, even breaking the law.

Leo the street cat knows what he wants, he wants a home, a warm safe place where he was safe and most importantly of all where he was loved.

In Ankara, Turkey, he is one of many street cats trying to survive on the streets. Cats are everywhere in Ankara, so being rescued is really one chance in a million. Leo decided not to sit on his paws, he decided to make it happen.

Screenshot via YouTube/PAWSitive

Where Leo lives, he is occasionally fed by some locals, however, it is by no means a regular occurrence.

Like many things Leo does in life, he decided to take that into his own paws too.

Screenshot via YouTube/PAWSitive

Bercu, an animal rescuer in Ankara, did her best to feed the wiley cat almost every day.

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When she returned to her car she found a note pinned to the windscreen asking her not to start her engine?!

She wasn’t trying to break out, she was trying to break in?

One day though, Leo made his move, showing Bercu he wanted more than just food by jumping into her car, making himself comfortable and taking a nap! Breaking into cars is something he, apparently has done before.

Screenshot via YouTube/PAWSitive

Eventually, he woke up but refused to leave, and Bercu did not have the heart to make him.

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