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He Is Rare, He Is Unique, But There’s More To Yoda Than The Way He Looks

When you first see him, you notice it right away. He does look a little unusual that’s for sure, but that’s what makes him so unique. After all, it’s our differences that make us awesome, “cute he is.”

A love of animals is pretty much a universal thing with human beings. Animals that look cute tend to worm their way into our hearts and then into our homes. One species that has been extremely succesful at doing that is the not so humble housecat.

Cats that tend to look a little more different than the norm achieve even greater success. Popular on social media, take a look at the popularity of breeds like the Maine Coon, the Savannah, and the Muchkin. Or individual cats like Grumpy Cat or Coby with his amazing blue eyes. The way these cats look just add to their cuteness, therefore, their popularity as well.

So let’s meet another cat that is taking the social media world by storm, meet Yoda, an appropriate name for a very different looking cat. Named after the famed fictional star from Star Wars his extra ears are not thought to actually attached to the base of his skull.

Rather they are attached just behind his first set of ears and are not thought to help him hear. They are thought to be the result of a genetic mutation.

As well as a genetic mutation, Yoda also has a love of bread, consuming large quantities of it if given the chance. But its how Yoda met his parents Ted and Valarie Rock that is an interesting tale in and of itself. They didn’t meet in a place you expect to see a kitten, especially one with four ears.

To find out how yoda met his parents click next below!

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