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When He Set Off To Work That Morning, He Didn’t Have A Cat. However, When He Got Home?

A man got the shock of his life one day when he came home from work, to find a cat sitting bold as brass in his chair! He didn’t have a cat!

There he was sitting in his chair, acting like he owned the place, as comfortable as could be!

Photo Courtesy of Nigeltown

Nigeltown an Imgur user, thought he must have come in through an open window. The cat was meowing like there was no tomorrow, Nigeltown thought he was probably hungry, so went to get supplies to take care of impending starvation.

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When he went to sleep he didn’t have a cat. When he woke up there was one sitting right there in his lap?

She didn’t own a cat, but this cat had plans of its own.

The cat purred and meowed the whole time as he chowed down on his meal.

Photo Courtesy of Nigeltown

Nigeltown then went out knocking on doors in his immediate area to see if this cat had a family?

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