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He Couldn’t Beleive His Eyes When He Saw What Rolled Off The Back Of The Truck

A worker at a plant nursery was stunned at what he saw rolling out of the garden clippings he had just loaded onto the back of a truck.

Two tiny kitten siblings just rolled off the back of the truck at a garden nursery at Delray Beach, Florida. How they managed to get loaded onto the truck with clippings no is quite sure, how they managed not to be harmed in the process is even more amazing.

The worker took them to one of the sheds and gave them some water but was then unsure quite what to do? There was a person who fed the feral cats at the nursery, but that person happened to be on holiday at the time.

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg of Animal Friends Project

Carmen Weinberg, the founder of Animal Friends Project, was on her way to the post office and just happened to be passing the nursery and thought she might just stop in to see if she could help spay and neuter the feral cats in the area.

Right away the workers told her about the two cute little siblings. “They were still nursing kittens and they were not eating solid food yet. I told the worker I could take them and care for them,” Carmen told Love Meow. “He was happy to see the kittens go to a safe home. He said that if they had not rolled out of the garden clippings, that they could have gone through the shredder.”

The kittens were placed in a plastic tub and handed over to Carmen who immediately took them home and placed them on a heating pad then proceeded to bottle feed them as she had no idea how long they had gone without food.

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg of Animal Friends Project

The 3-week old kittens most likely were separated from their mother when the truck was collecting garden debris. “Once we cleaned them, we saw how beautiful they were,” Carmen told Love Meow. Noemi, Carmen’s sister, took on the role of their foster mom and began nursing and caring for them around the clock.

“She had to get up every 2 to 3 hours at night to feed them. She took them (to work) with her when she had meetings.” It was a time consuming and laborious task to bottle feed these kittens, but seeing them grow and thrive made everything worth it. Before she knew it, the two feline siblings nestled their way into her heart.

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg of Animal Friends Project

“The kitties are doing extremely well. My sister adopted them. She could not let them go after having spent so many days and nights caring for them,” Carmen told Love Meow. “They turned out to be beautiful long hair cats. They are also super friendly.”

The two sisters just turned three years old. They have blossomed into gorgeous fluffy cats. What a difference a second chance can make!

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg of Animal Friends Project

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