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Letting Her Cat Outside One Day She Is Surprised When He Comes Back With His Identical Twin!

They were both identical!

Rushing out to see what was going she found two identical cats looking less than pleased with each other.

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

What was very confusing though was that both cats looked like her Loki!

Two chubby gray cats eyeing each other up. Devi thought she was seeing double!

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

Which one was her cat?

“I’ve never seen another cat like Loki around our area before so when I got out and saw the scene set before me I was extremely confused!” Devi said.

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

“It took me a minute to process that one of these was not my guy!”

Working out which cat Loki was Devi then grabbed him and headed back inside where she checked for injuries.

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

Fortunately, he was fine so she went out to check on the other cat but it had already high-tailed it out of there.

Since that day Devi has vowed never to let Loki outside unsupervised again.

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

Instead, she began building him an enclosure. A place where he can enjoy the outdoors in complete safety.

A catio where nothing untoward can happen should he ever confront his twin again.

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

Watch a video of Loki’s encounter with his twin right here below.

Terrified And Alone, He Had Become Separated From His Friend. Without That Support, He Cried Almost Non-Stop!

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