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Letting Her Cat Outside One Day She Is Surprised When He Comes Back With His Identical Twin!

Working inside one day she allows her cat to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Only moments later to hear growling and hissing!

Devi Larsen was working inside her home one day when she noticed her cat, Loki, head outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

For Devi this is not unusual, she has always allowed him out to play. He takes the opportunity to head outdoors whenever the front door his left open.

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

“Ever since he was a kitten, he has always been fascinated with the outside,” said Devi.

“And by fascinated, I mean running out and immediately sprawling out on the ground or eating grass.”

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

Sometimes he’ll head outside and enjoy the day on his own.

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Other times he can be found hanging out with his canine buddy Lupin.

Courtesy of Instagram/loki_the-chonk

This time was different though, this time Devi heard growling and hissing coming from her yard!

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