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He Came To Hang Out With The Cats But Got Swamped By Something Else Instead

He came to the shelter to spend the day hanging out with the rescue cats, but got swamped by something else instead!

Photo Courtesy of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

After being rescued a Mom and her kittens are brought to Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, Green Bay, Wisconsin to give them a new chance at life. Anything would be an improvement on the life they had been living when on the streets.

Now, Mom did not have to worry about where her next meal was coming from. Now her kittens could relax, instead of living in fear, that’s when their personalities began to come through. They quickly discovered that laps were good for one thing and one thing only, naps.

Photo Courtesy of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

The best part about the shelter for these kittens was that there was an endless supply of volunteers coming to visit, which meant an endless supply of cuddles and an endless supply of laps for naps.

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One kitten, in particular, was far braver and therefore much more adventurous than the others.

Photo Courtesy of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

His constant curiosity leading him on adventures the other kittens felt they had to follow.

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