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Four Tiny Stray Kittens Quite Literally “Glued” Together In A Very “Sticky” Life-Threatening Situation

Four inquisitive little stray kittens quite literally got that themselves stuck in a very sticky and life-threatening situation.

Mom did her best, but the situation was out of her control. If not for an employee that heard a sounded that resembled the caw seagull’s make, that is where this story could have ended. What he found were four tiny kittens stuck in glue traps designed supposedly to trap rats.


Mom had done her best but was completely helpless in this situation. She had managed to keep one kitten calm, but the other three were in a separate trap, the glue had bound the three little fur balls together into one larger bundle of fur. Without help, they would be permanently stuck together.

Their rescuer managed to free this gluey furry bundle, he had to cut around each kitten individually, making sure not to injure them. He took all four kittens to the sink, trying without much luck to remove the glue with soap. “They just kept sticking to each other like velcro,” the man said.


He then called Animal Control, when they arrived, unfortunately, the Mom ran off. However, volunteers for AAUPR have offered to help trap her and get her spayed. Thankfully the business who had the traps installed have since had the traps removed.

They went on to say:

“We’re happy to report that they are doing much better and eating like little piggies,” the rescuers wrote in a recent Facebook post. “They are currently in a foster home and three of the four are doing great,” Kim Kay, operations manager at AAUPR said. “The fourth one is lagging a little behind but they are with a very experienced foster and we’re hopeful he will start making progress soon.”


Once the kittens are older, they’ll be put up for adoption.

Many people contributed towards the recovery of these kittens. They made their donations by going to “Donate to Cat Rescue,” and in the options area they wrote in the purpose line, “The Sticky Kitties.”

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