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Found In A Mangled Cage, It Was Clear They Had Been Thrown From A Moving Car

Eight kittens and two cats were found Saturday night dumped then abandoned in a swamp near Alden Ash in Alto.

The Moore family found a mangled cage just off 60th street, inside were the two mother cats and their eight kittens. “The crate was full of urine and feces and water,” said Mariah Moore, who rescued the cats. “A thunderstorm had come in that day, so they were all soaked and it was wet down there, full of poison ivy, it was terrible. It was just awful to see. Nothing deserves to go through that.”

It’s pretty clear the cage was thrown from a moving car due to its current condition. It was not just broken, it was pretty much mangled. It must have been a terrifying experience for the cats and their kittens.

What must those people have been thinking at the time is hard to comprehend? As Mariah puts it, “I just wish people would treat them like they should be treated.’ When I got them they were starving and dehydrated and just wanted some love, so we need them to have forever families who will love them and be responsible families who will spay and neuter them, take them to the vet, love them forever.”

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