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Found Crawling Along The Sidewalk On His Belly In The Pouring Rain 2. Now He Has A New Tale To Tell

Bruce has gone from hanging on to life by the barest of threads to becoming an internet celebrity in just over a year, as you will soon see, a lot can happen in one year.

We first posted Bruce’s story on the in April 2019, when Bruce was first found in the pouring rain by his soon to be new Mom Kathryn van Beek. She had found him crawling along the sidewalk with his umbilical cord still attached.

She immediately picked him up and took him home, giving him the meal he so desperately needed.

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Had she not found Bruce as he came to be called, he probably would not have survived the night.

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They were found curled up on the sidewalk. Huddled together, doing their best to keep warm.

Malnourished, they found her struggling on the sidewalk. Dragging something behind her?

Since then Bruce has become somewhat of an international celebrity with a huge following of dedicated fans worldwide.

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You can Bruce’s original story here.

Though he has not let this go to his head, quite the contrary,  along with his owner Bruce has become part of  The Animal Rescue Network using his newfound fame to help other animals who were not quite as lucky as he was.

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Now Bruce has a new tale to tell, a new tale for a rescued kitten.

 To find out what happens next click 2 below!

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