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Dumped By His Family, One Thing Was Clear. Just To Survive, This Micro-Kitten Would Need Ongoing Care

Admitted to a vet clinic after his owners abandoned him everything seemed fine. Then after she adopted him one day he just collapsed!

In Septemeber of 2019, Emily Tomlinson was working in a vet clinic in Wolverhampton, England, when she met a tiny kitten who had just been admitted. Vets thought he was about 3 to 4 weeks old and suspected he had been dumped by his previous owners because of his cloudy eyes. A result of a condition called bilateral corneal edema, it does not affect his vision at all!

“So, I work in a veterinary practice. He got handed in at practice after being found by a lady near to a park. I fostered him for a week, then adopted him when no one came forward to claim him. He already had bilateral corneal edema, which is his cloudy eyes, but this does not affect his everyday life and he knows no different, Emily told Bored Panda.

Photo courtesy of minature_munchie
Photo courtesy of minature_munchie

Now seven months old, Munchie, as he is called, is only the size of a small kitten and weighs a paltry 1.7 kilos.

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He is not going to get any bigger as he has a rare condition called hypoparathyroidism, a condition that has only ever been diagnosed in one other kitten.

Photo courtesy of minature_munchie
Photo courtesy of minature_munchie

The condition reared its head quite out of the blue when on boxing day Munchie unexpectedly just collapsed. Everything had been going fine until then. The tiny kitten was rushed to an after-hours emergency vet clinic where he received an ultrasound, x-rays and blood tests, followed by intravenous fluid therapy. After running his blood type it was found his calcium level was only 0.52!

Photo courtesy of minature_munchie
Photo courtesy of minature_munchie

They ran it again thinking this must be wrong, however, it came back exactly the same.

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