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Watch What Happens When Indoor Cats Get Outdoors And Experience Snow For The Very First Time!

Naturally curious animals what do cats make of snow when they get to see and touch it for the first time.

Winter and snow is either something most of us love, or in the case of some people I know, something they hate. You’re either loading your ski’s onto the roof rack and heading into the mountains or grabbing a snow shovel to dig out the driveway.

Animals, on the whole, tend to love the white stuff as long as they are not trying to survive in it. Horses released from the stable kick up their hooves and have a great time. Cats, on the whole, are not too different. Naturally curious animals they are normally quite inquisitive about what this strange white stuff is, then off they go having a great time.

However, if you are a pet owner it’s always that very first time your cat or dog sees snow that will stick in the memory so take your camera with you. You’ll see what I mean when you go through the photos below.

Because some amazing hoomans have taken some amazing shots of their cats enjoying those memorable moments of seeing snow for the very first time. If you haven’t seen these photos yourself please scroll down. It made out day putting these together so I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Please enjoy!

1. I woke up this morning and this white thing was everywhere!

This majestic cat can’t keep its eyes off the beautiful snow!

3. I came. I saw. I loved it!

3. This snow looks so fascinating!

Its freezing hooman, take me somewhere warm.

4. Snow? No…

How do I get out though?

5. Unleash me so I can do whatever I want hooman!

6. I don’t wanna walk on it!

7. 5 seconds later the cat realized this wasn’t a good idea.

8. This stuff is everywhere!

I like it, but not that much, lets just go back inside hooman.

9. Look! I found something in the snow!

10. Brrrr, cold paws! cold paws!

11. Snow makes a wonderful rolling surface for some cats.

Cats really aren’t big on the cold. In wintertime, your average house cat would much prefer to be curled up inside where it is warm and cozy.

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But when there is fresh powder on the ground they sure do know how to have fun. Once they get used to it that is.

12. Trying to find my way back home…

Don’t you dare throw snow at me mother nature.

13. Ready for the snow!

14.  Alright, so playing in the snowy isn’t really that bad.

15. Sure as heck didn’t look like this yesterday!

16. Naaaah – not my kinda fun.

17. Cats first time in the snow. Seems like someone is a little shaken.

The white thing is everywhere hooman!!

18. Imma walk on the snow wit my cute wittle paws.

19. I am your snow god, bow down, and worship me!

20. Excited? I am beyond excited to go and play in snow!!

This cat is a snow expert, her expressions says it all.

21. I cannot see where I am going! I will raise my periscope.

22. Shake it off, shake it off

I don’t want this cold thing to ruin my pretty fur.

23. Play in snow they said, it would be fun they said.

24. Careful little kitty! Snow can be slippery.

25. Woah, what?? This stuff glows in the dark too??

26. Get me outta here!

27. Umm.. there’s something falling from the sky

I think I like it!

28. Alright, I’m down for a snowball fight.

29. I don’t know how I got here

The fact that most cats don’t like water makes it that more surprising that they like snow. Sure there are those finicky felines that are not too impressed, but by far most love it. Probably well aware that they can go back into their nice warm homes when they are finished having fun.


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