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Still, In Tears After Burying His Beloved Cat, He Gets The Shock Of His Life When He Hears A Familiar Meow!

For over three years, Loki, a black cat has been the loving companion of Nathan Sonoras. Walking into his life as a stray, the two have been inseparable ever since.

Originally a stray, Loki has always been an outdoors cat, and though he has a home, he still likes to go out for walks, never failing to return home. Sonoras thought it would be cruel to take that freedom away.

Tragically though, it looked as though allowing that freedom had come at to higher cost. That Loki would no longer be a part of Sonaras life. Arriving home from work one-day Sonoras saw something that completely took the wind out of his sails. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Photo Courtesy of Nathan Sonoras

He saw something on the road that looked like it could be the cat he loved. After he called his girlfriend, he arrived at the spot. And saw, after careful examination, what he thought was indeed his beloved feline. He appeared to have been hit by a car while trying to cross the road.

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On his final journey he reaches out with his paw and they hold hands. This will be their last ride.

The heartbreaking moment a stray cat refuses to leave his fallen friend behind.

His cat’s life was over, and Sonoras would have to contemplate a future without him. Something that only this morning, was the furthest thing from his mind, how could this be?

Photo Courtesy of Nathan Sonoras

Still, in shock, in disbelief, he looked at the lifeless body on the road. His disbelief was mixed with guilt, why had he allowed his cat to live part of his life outdoors?

If only he had kept him inside, this would have never happened. But now it was too late.

Photo Courtesy of Nathan Sonoras

However the next morning he would get the shock of his life!

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