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Cat Catches A New Family Member And Brings Him Home By The Scruff Of The Neck

They were home one day when to their complete surprise their cat Strider walks through the door with a kitten hanging limply from his mouth.

He strolled in through the door with the kitten held by the scruff of its neck. He had obviously decided that this kitten was going part of this family no matter what and that it was here to stay.

Courtesy of Skyguy182

Reddit user SkyGuy182 could see that the little furball was filthy and absolutely riddled with fleas, so he quickly gave him a bath. The kitten was not too pleased with the enforced cleanliness but looked a completely different kitty afterward.

It was pretty clear as far as Strider was concerned this kitten was here to stay, so how could SkyGuy182 disagree, he named him Gimli. What Strider did was similar to this cat, except she took off with the new family pet held by the scruff of the neck.

Courtesy of Skyguy182

It’s not the first time Strider has brought home young ones. Apart from bugs and mice etc, “one day he found a whole group of squirrel pups! He gingerly brought each one to a safe spot next to our house and just watched them!” They had to be taken to an animal shelter as SkyGuy182 had no trust in Striders ability to raise them.

To Find out if Gimli is here to stay click next below!

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