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Having Broken Her Leg So Seriously At Such A Young Age Left Her Future Looking Far From Certain!

Somehow as a tiny baby her rear leg was badly fractured, to have such a severe injury at such a young age her future was far from certain!

Luckily for Moxie, she was rescued from that highly uncertain future by Saving Grace Rescue who then cast about for someone to foster her.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/moxiethefosterkitty

When Joyce at @kangaroothekitty heard about the tiny five-week-old she couldn’t wait to offer her a foster home. Then an appointment was made to see a vet.

After having her leg assessed it was decided that Moxie would have to put on weight before surgery could be performed on the affected leg.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/moxiethefosterkitty

The sad reality was in all likelihood, it looked like the leg would need to be amputated!

At the moment she wights just over 1 pound and will need to be at least 2 pounds before surgery.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/moxiethefosterkitty

In the meantime, the injury did not seem to slow this sweet little girl down.

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Their first concern was broken bones, but try as they might they just could reach her!

His jaw broken, unable to eat, he was wandering the streets all on his own!

She made friends with just about everyone, even those across the inter-species divide.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/moxiethefosterkitty

She also attempted to make friends with those much larger than herself. Those who showed a distinct lack of interest in her presence.

This attitude did not seem to bother her in the least!

Though when a supervised introduction was made with Pug, a younger kitten, she did try to show him who was boss.

However, they soon became the best of friends.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/moxiethefosterkitty

Moxie continued to do well and around June 10 she had reached her weight goal where she was taken in for Xrays to assess her leg for surgery!

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