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Abandoned By Its Mom, Unable To Walk, He Found It Bleeding On The Side Of The Road!

While generally speaking the saying “birds of a feather flock together” is true, it is certainly not a hard set rule. Especially in this case!

The world abounds with inter-species animal friendships of many types, some perhaps more understandable, some perhaps more strange. Like the friendship between a baby bird found abandoned by its Mom on a New Zealand road and the family cat.

Except in rare cases, as general rule friendships between cats and birds just don’t work for obvious reasons, after all cats like to eat birds. However, this baby magpie was having nothing to do with nature’s rules.

Photo Courtesy of @swoopandmowgli/Instagram

While it’s true their first introduction may not have been love at first sight, in fact, it was more like dinner at first sniff, instincts don’t always have to reign supreme.

Future feather and fur dad, Matt Owens of Auckland, New Zealand, had no plans to have a magpie as part of his family. He already had a head of the house in the form of a cat called Mowgli, who spent long periods of his day eyeing up the local birds with hungry eyes.

Photo Courtesy of @swoopandmowgli/Instagram

Fate, however, was going to change Matt and Mowgli’s plans big time when Matt found an injured baby magpie on the side of a local road.

In an interview with Newshub, Matt said, β€œIt was just sitting there bleeding, sort of unable to walk properly and it looked like it had been abandoned by its mum so I just picked it up and decided to take it home.”

Photo Courtesy of @swoopandmowgli/Instagram

Luckily Matt had a vet living right next door in the form of a kind-hearted neighbor who helped treat the young bird’s injuries.

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The soon stopped worrying about the stray kitten in their yard when they realized it had a foster mom. Of sorts!

He comes home from a long day only to find a litter of very wet very hungry stray kittens in his bed!

After extensive conversations with Mowgli, where Matt laid out the rules of what was not to happen, Swoop the magpie became a permanent part of Matt and Mowgli’s flock.

Photo Courtesy of @swoopandmowgli/Instagram

Matt told Daily Mail, β€œI think he knew on the first day that Swoop was family.”

For the first few days, Mowgli seemed to think his kind-hearted dad had brought home the ultimate meal.

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