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All She Had To Do Was Say Her Name

A little girls kitten had gone missing some time and she missed her furry a lot, little did she know her dad had a surprise for her.

When your pet goes missing it is very heart-rending, not knowing where it is, is it OK, the worst part probably not knowing if it is even still alive.

However it must be equally hard for the pet too! Not knowing where your family is, or if you will see them again? Being lost and alone, hungry, not knowing when your next meal will be, trying to fend for yourself.

So when a reunion between a lost animal and their family occurs we thought we would share the joyous reunion with you.

A little girl who’s kitten had gone missing was very distraught during her best friends absence, not knowing where she was, missing her company and fraught with worry.

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Her dad tells her that they’ve got a surprise from her. As it turns out, the surprise is Chloe, the family’s beloved kitten who’d gone missing.

As soon as the little girl says her name, the kitty runs up to her and curls up in her arms!

You can watch the heartwarming video below:

We’re so happy that this family has their cat back! Clearly, Chloe has an especially close bond with her little girl.

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Just a tiny kitten, he is placed on ‘Kitty Cat Death Row’ because they said he was unadoptable.

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