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All Alone At Two Months Old, For Two Kittens Each Other Was All They Had.

They have clung together through it all, two kittens, never leaving each other’s side.

Ameilie and Canele, were inseparable when they were found at just two months old. Two kittens rescued when their future looked very uncertain the two tiny kittens were clinging to each other for support they didn’t know their lives were about to change in a big way.

Photo Courtesy of riepoyonn

The two siblings live in Japan and it didn’t take long for their rescuers to see these two were a little more than just your average kittens. These two were also best friends, needing each other for support, comfort and even sleeping. The pair can’t even take a nap unless the other is by their side.

Photo Courtesy of riepoyonn

Realizing this was the case the kitten’s rescuers decided to do something special for the tiny duo.

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A tiny bed was soon purchased from IKEA – a bed the perfect size for two cuddly kittens. They instantly fell in love with it and now its the only place that they will sleep.

Photo Courtesy of riepoyonn

The bed eventually got a few accessories, including kitten-sized pillows, blankets, and bed sheets. The cats’ family turned it into the perfect place for two kittens to take a nap, and the obvious next step was to bring out the camera.

Photo Courtesy of riepoyonn

Amelie and Canele have napped on the bed every day since it first came home. It got smaller and smaller as they grew, but that doesn’t stop them, and it hasn’t stopped the cuddles. They curl up as close to each other as they can get before drifting off into a sweet sleep.

Photo Courtesy of riepoyonn

The cats’ jellybean toes now hang off the edge of their slightly-too-small bed, but they refuse to nap anywhere else. Their Instagram shows pictures and videos of their most adorable moments, and their 96.5 thousand followers have watched the cats grow up in their tiny kitten bed. Start following them for a daily dose of cuteness.

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You can find Amelie and Canele right here on their Instagram page.

No one else could hear it but she could. Right away she knew what it was, it was a kitten and he was crying for help.

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