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After Taking Their Senior Cat To The Vet For Treatment They Turn Their Backs And Abandon Him There, Leaving Him To His Fate

At the age of 21, his family abandoned him a the local veterinarians. They could not have cared less, not even bothering to say why.

They probably did not want to front up with the cash to put Tigger down so they just abandoned him at the local veterinarians. Without leaving a reason why they just turned their backs on someone who had been a member of their family for 21 years.

Older cats are never easy to adopt, and Tigger would probably have been euthanized had it not been for Adriene and her boyfriend.

They heard about the kitty’s plight and immediately decided to bring him home and adopt him into their family. After a bumpy start due to being malnourished, kidney problems and a tumor, Tigger quickly adjusted to being loved.

The years melted away and he started to behave like a cat half his age.

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Hiding his paws, in obvious pain, a senior cat cries for help!

Best friends before they were rescued, he is adopted, leaving his buddy behind.

Adriene was told he will need to stay on his medication for his kidney problems, apart from that no one knows how long Tigger will be around.

In fact, he just celebrated his 22nd birthday, to celebrate Adriene made him a chicken cake!

Thankfully this special cat wasn’t euthanized and he found someone who showed him the love he deserved for his remaining time he has left.

Watch Tiggers Video Here Below:

Clearly In Distress He Lay On The Sidewalk As Everyone Just Walked On Past!

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