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She Has The Sweetest Habit To Show Her Thanks For Being Rescued!

Lulu’s start to life had not been a particularly easy one. Plucked from the streets she ended up just one of many other cats living in a shelter. One day however her life changed forever.

When two years ago Lulu was adopted, she soon went from a sad shelter cat, transforming into a much-loved pet.

But things for Lulu didn’t stop there, Lulu wanted to show her appreciation for having a home of her own and a family that loves her.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Lulu The Slipper Cat

Two months after joining her new family she picked up on the fact that her Mom likes to put on her slippers every morning.

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Now he waits at the store every day, waiting to lead her to the cat treat section.

What if you didn’t have to train your cat to use the litter box?

So Lulu decided to bring them to her each morning after she wakes up, picking them up from wherever her Mom had taken them off the day before.

Photo Courtesy Instagram/Lulu The Slipper Cat

She’s been doing it ever since, though she can only carry one slipper at a time. That being the case she always makes two trips.

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