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Afraid Of How Her Cat Would React, She Knew She Still Had To Bring The Shaken Kitten Home

After finding a very sick stray kitten in need of urgent medical attention she did her best to save his life!

Moonglade Rose has spent much of her life rescuing animals. Very dedicated to helping those animals who cannot help themselves, one day she found a shaken kitten in urgent need of medical care!

She took the poor little guy right to a vet for treatment. After some touch and go moments the kitten pulled through. Moonglade Rose had saved his life, though he was still very shaken from the ordeal.

Photo Courtesy of Moonglade Rose

Knowing he would need time to recover, Moonglade Rose brought the little kitten, now named Opie, home. She was concerned, however, how her own cat Andy would react to the new arrival. And, indeed, as soon as Andy heard the tiny meows, he came running!

About to intervene Moonglade Rose needn’t have worried, as Andy wrapped his paws around Opie and began to groom him. Almost as if he was welcoming the struggling kitten into his home.

Andy came running when he heard meowing and started hugging and kissing him.

More kissing.

Andy and Opie instantly bonded.

Photo Courtesy of Moonglade Rose

“Opie seems to trust me and keeps falling asleep on me. Little guy fits in my hand. And Andy absolutely loves him” says Rose.

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Found dragging his legs behind him after a strange injury. Finding him a home was not going to be that easy!

They are inseparable, even when sleeping.

Photo Courtesy of Moonglade Rose

Moonglade Rose thinks there may be something deeper to the story of this instant bonding.

“I was adopted… there’s always been something missing, even after I met my birth family, but Andy saved my life,” Moonglade said.

Photo Courtesy of Moonglade Rose

Opie it would now seem could be doing the same for Andy. After all, “what goes around comes around.”

Andy has given his new little brother, lots of love. Teaching him how to cat, form teaching him to use the litter box, jump and land on his feet, play and most important of all, cuddle.

Photo Courtesy of Moonglade Rose

The most important lessons are cuddling.

Photo Courtesy of Moonglade Rose

Their connection is amazing.

Photo Courtesy of Moonglade Rose
Photo Courtesy of Moonglade Rose

Thanks to the love he’s getting from Andy and Rose….

…..Opie will grow up to be a self-confident cat.

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