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Abandoned For Being Too Cuddly And Taken Too A High Kill Shelter

It has been said many times that cats are more aloof than dogs, being far more independent, enjoying time to themselves. But people who really know cats, know there is far more to them than that.

Cats can be very affectionate, enjoying more than just the odd cuddle. Just as affectionate as dogs, if in a more subtle way. Many cats love spending as much time with their humans as possible.

Jacque is a cat that fits that mold, in fact, Jacque is on the extreme end of the cuddly spectrum. Given the way he was treated in the past he has every right not to be, but nothing it seems will take the cuddles out of Jacque.

Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

When he was only 7 months old, his owner moved house and decided not to take the cat with him. His owner’s house was foreclosed, his owner left not wanting a cuddly cat, poor old Jacque was found by the realtor, who took him to a shelter.

Jacque initially did not land on his paws, the shelter was an overcrowded kill shelter, and he ended up on the waiting list for euthanasia. But luckily for him, he met Nancy Hutchinson, president of Michigan Cat Rescue. She saved him and sent him to her shelter.

Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

“I saw him in his cage and felt so bad for him,” she said. “I opened up his cage and […] sat on the floor with him for a while, and he sat on my lap. I thought, ‘Wow. What a nice cat.’”

So Jacque moved with Nancy, and right away she advertised him as a cuddly kitty, a lover of laps and a lover of cuddles. Jacque needed a human who loved cuddles just as much as he did and Nancy thought she had found the right person.

But sadly it was not to last and Jacque ended right back where he began, in the shelter, wait for it, for being too cuddly. On Facebook, Michigan Cat Rescue quoted the adopters words, “I can’t stand it. All he wants to do is sit on my lap. It’s VERY annoying. He isn’t welcome at my house anymore.”

Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

But even sadder than the event itself is the way it affected poor Jacque. The beautiful big kitty refused to eat for a few days and ended up sick.

“Stress can really take its toll — not just on people, but on animals,” said Hutchinson, “and it broke down his immune system. He had a horrible upper respiratory cold.”

Luckily, however, Jacque’s story didn’t end there. After word got out about him being returned to the shelter because of his affectionate nature, he quickly found a new home with someone who loves snuggling and is happy to have him as part of the family.

Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

“His story went viral on Facebook with over 250,000 people who read about him, who shared his plight and expressed their love and sadness for him,” the organization wrote on Facebook. “GUESS WHAT? HE IS ADOPTED! We received HUNDREDS of applications but because there is only 1 Jacque—we chose one family and gave them the joyous news! Jacque is LOVED, SPOILED and finally in his FOREVER HOME with Liz and her family!”

Facebook/Michigan Cat Rescue

We’re so happy that Jacque was finally able to find his forever home with a family that really loves him. Hopefully, his story can be a reminder to other potential adopters to make sure their chosen pet is a good personality fit before finalizing the adoption process.

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