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Day After Day She Returns To The Very Same Spot Her Family Dumped Her Over A Year Ago, Waiting For Their Return!

Seen by locals chasing after its owners as they drove off in their car, this cat has been sitting in the same spot for over a year waiting for their return!!

These sad pictures were posted on VKontakte, the Russian version of Facebook, by Ostap Zadunayskiy who praises the locals for feeding this lonely cat as she sits on the very same spot she was dumped.

A faithful cat that is still waiting for the family that abandoned it

Apparently, the former owners sold their apartment over a year ago in the city of Belgorod in south-western Russia’s Belgorod Oblast region, leaving their cat behind, and just driving off as shet chased after them.

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Dumped by his family, one thing was clear. Just to survive this micro-kitten would need ongoing care and attention.

They had fought so hard to even still be alive. As it was she didn’t know if they would survive, but they at least deserved a chance.

Ever since the forlorn feline has been sitting day after day on the same manhole cover.

Shots were first taken of the cat in 2015 and ever since it has taken the internet by storm. It seems, however, that this cat’s new-found fame has not lead to her finding a new home.

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