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Only Three Days Old She Finds Herself On Her Own With No Mom To Turn To For Help!

Right as kitten season was beginning a tiny three-day-old singleton is found abandoned and alone with no one to turn to.

Just as ‘kitten season’ is starting a tiny orphan is found, somehow abandoned and alone, she had become separated from her Mom.

Only three days old with no one else to turn she is rescued from the streets.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/dcfostermomsusie

Given the name Uzi she soon finds herself in a foster home with her new foster Mom Susie.

Two things quickly become very apparent, first off, this little girl can really eat.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/dcfostermomsusie

Second, the name Uzi is not really resonating with Susie.

“Name forthcoming (the shelter name was uzi and I’m not feeling the machine gun thing right now (or ever), so I’m giving her a new name),” Susie said.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/dcfostermomsusie

Susie decided to give the tiny orphan the name Jacinda in honor of New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, who was dealing with a horrific terrorist in her country attack at the time.

“I’ve named the new baby girl Jacinda, after New Zealand’s Prime Minister who has been the embodiment of strength and compassion during a crisis.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/dcfostermomsusie

After a few days of eating well, Jacinda’s belly began to grow.

She was soon expressing her contentment and satisfaction with the tiniest purrs.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/dcfostermomsusie

As well as eating, another pass time had become a firm favorite.

Scritches and belly rubs? Yes, please!!

Soon she was exercising her little Bambie legs on her first short-range exploratory missions.

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At just three weeks old she has somehow become separated from her Mom!

Abandoned at left for dead, they are only 2 days old!

Venturing further and further when another important milestone was reached!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/dcfostermomsusie

Jacinda began opening her eyes!

While strength training continued with her legs she then made an important discovery. She has feet, a great asset to have when you are growing in your teeth, and teething.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/dcfostermomsusie

Around this time Susie made an important discovery of her own!

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