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After Losing His Owner He Passed Around Like A Sack Of Potatoes. Soon Finding Himself Lonely, Confused And Very Very Scared!

When his owner passed away he was passed from family member to family member. No one wanted him so he ended up scared and alone and ultimately, dumped in a shelter.

No one in the family wanted to take the responsibility of taking care of Gremlin when his owner passed away, so he was taken to a shelter where he became one depressed, very confused, scared and lonely cat.

Like this cat, who walked 12 miles to get back to his family, the only thing Gremlin wanted was a home with a family where he felt safe and secure, where he would be loved.

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He was taken to a high kill shelter because he was too cuddly!

Dumped at a shelter because he was too old, who could he turn to now?

At ten years old the poor cat had no idea what was going on, he went from home to home, never having time to settle in, never having time to adjust. Then he finds himself in a shelter full of other animals, what did he do wrong?

But for Gabriela Middlebrook, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. From the moment she laid eyes on Gremlin, she knew that she had to take this cat and provide a loving home for him.

After just a month of fostering, you can see how much of a difference has been made since she brought him home from the shelter.

Gremlin’s story shows how much just a little love can make a huge difference.

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Weak with hunger, when he sees them coming, a freezing kitten tries to pull himself free!

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